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      Covid-19: We Are Open And Delivering Responsibly View Covid-19 Update
      Beautiful Sheds And Garden Buildings

      Explore our range of garden sheds, summer houses, TigerFlex Sheds, storage sheds, playhouses and log cabins – all hand-built by British craftsmen, and all with the 20 Year Tiger Guarantee.

      Garden Sheds

      Browse our range of beautiful garden sheds, hand made to order with our signature protective Tiger Skin treatment.

      View Garden Sheds Range

      Summer Houses

      Make the most of your outdoor space with an elegant yet practical summer house – perfect for any garden!

      View Summer Houses Range

      Log Cabins

      Individually precision-cut high quality timber ensures your log cabin will more than meet your needs, whatever your requirements.

      View Log Cabins Range
      Free Express Delivery on Selected Sheds - Find Out More
      Pick Your Delivery Day

      TigerFlex Sheds

      The new T?gerFlex range of versatile shed designs are tough, innovative and flexible. Hand-made in Yorkshire with high grade timber, our trademark treatment and Tiger 20 Year Guarantee, they adjust to suit your needs and are built to last.

      Yours on the day you want, for the next twenty years you need...

      Discover TigerFlex
      People say great things about us

      Browse over 7000 reviews of our quality sheds and first class service:

      By: Steve Wall

      Published: 17/04/2020

      Further to my initial review upon delivery of my 8x6 shiplap apex roof shed. I am more than impressed with the build quality, and now it is completed, I am even more happy. Just a tip, if you want to really spoil your shed, the Range has individual wood ...

      By: Kristal Martin

      Published: 04/04/2020

      Super quality shed built for me by my neighbour in 2 hours lots of room this 8x6 shed replaces my old 6x4 shed which was falling apart very pleased with the new Tiger Shed

      By: Maureen Peeters

      Published: 03/04/2020

      I love my new shed but wish the wooden support at the top was deeper to enable one to put up tool hooks to hang things off the floor. The service was excellent and the men came to assemble it within an hour of its delivery. Thank you Tigar Sheds for l...

      By: Roger Pearshouse

      Published: 01/04/2020

      All in all a good product . had to make minor adjustment but went together okay. Very pleased with quality and looks good. Delivery driver was very helpful. Would definitely buy from Tiger sheds again.

      Inspiration Centre

      Tigers In The Wild

      Use the hashtag #mytigershed to share your Tiger shed with the world

      View Tigers In The Wild
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      As Featured By
      As Featured By

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      Requesting your free brochure couldn't be easier. Simply enter your details in the pop up and select the brochure you would like to receive.

      Request Brochure
      Request Brochure

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      Why not subscribe to our newsletter?
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      Secure Payments
      Secure Payments
      *Sale applies to wooden buildings only. Up to 30% OFF on log cabins. Other buildings between 25%-10% off. Free gifts only available with a stated minimum order value (stated in the promotion) – not for every order.

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      Tel: 0113 205 4189

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